What Are IPS Panels?


IPS is short for integrated plumbing system, which refers to the process of concealing all the mains services, waste and toilet cisterns within a small void behind toilets, urinals and wash-basins.

Effectively, what we are creating is a false wall, behind which we hide all the pipework. This gives a very sharp, clean and sophisticated look to your washroom and users are met with flush, flat walls, neat sanitary ware and no unsightly pipework on view.

IPS bathroom panels are a type of panel that is attached to the outside of a DUCT set, covering up all of the pipework and toilet cisterns. These panels can be easily removed for maintenance and provide a hygienic, easy-to-clean wall surface for washrooms. They are often made of solid grade laminate, which is completely water-resistant and won’t swell or weaken due to moisture. IPS bathroom panels are especially useful in high-traffic washrooms and locations prone to vandalism due to their robustness and resistance to damage.

One of the main benefits of IPS bathroom panels is that they reduce the exposed surface area and eliminate hard-to-clean crevices, making cleaning and sanitizing faster and easier. Additionally, concealing the pipework and mains services within an integrated plumbing system protects them from accidental damage and vandalism.

IPS bathroom panels can be used in a variety of settings, including toilet cubicles, urinals, communal wash troughs, wall-mounted wash basins, and shower enclosures (though extra measures may be necessary to ensure a watertight void in this case). They offer a range of benefits and can be used to create a modern, clean aesthetic in any washroom.

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