Introducing Enduur at JP Corry

Introducing Enduur at JP Corry

Introducing Enduur, an evolutionary approach to manufacturing and protecting your products. New, state-of-the-art development, testing and manufacturing processes. Cutting-edge material blending techniques that deliver enhanced performance and superbly refined aesthetics. Environmental innovations that reduce carbon use and enhance sustainability.

Enduur products come in two classification levels. Each level of Enduur currently contains the features of all levels underneath it. So Enduur level 2 products also have Enduur level 1 features


Enduur 1 products are engineered to deliver an impressiverange of product enhancements, from increased strength, durability, UV resistance to a lower carbon footprint and advanced hydrophobic performance.


Enduur 2 surface protection employs the latest material research for Stain repellant & hydrophobic surface treatments.

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