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Personalised Hoppers

Guttercrest can create a hopper head with that personalised touch. Within their large range of hoppers there are several styles which can be made bespoke to add a house name,…
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JP Corry Stockist of Ecoscape

JP Corry Stockist of Ecoscape Who Is Ecoscape? Ecoscape UK is the leading supplier of high end sustainable wood plastic composite products. We boast the largest collection on the market…
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Roadstone- Hallmark Walling

Roadstone’s Hallmark Walling gives a distinctive cut natural stone appearance to traditional Irish homes, while adding charm and character to modern urban developments. It’s clean yet traditional appearance adds prestige…
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Soudatight LQ

Soudatight LQ Air- and vapour tight membrane – Soudatight LQ is a high-quality fibre reinforced polymer membrane which forms an air and vapour tight elastic membrane after drying. The product…
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Soudafoam Window & Door SWS

Soudafoam Window & Door SWS Airtight premium quality polyurethane expanding foam filler for use around windows & doors. Superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Totally airtight after curing. The product…
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