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Personalised building services & support for all project types, innovated by Trades people for Trades people!

Whether you’re a builder, developer, architect or starting a self-build project. Build Aviator has the solution for you from providing a full project estimate to SAP service. An expert team will be on hand to offer a suite of services and support at each stage of the build process, from product specification & procurement to assisting with a smooth process through building control sign-off.

Build Aviator puts you, our customer at the heart of every project, whether building to minimum regulations or achieving an increased level of comfort and energy efficiency. Let Build Aviator help you save time, build intelligently, reduce risks and make you more competitive for every job.

Take a look below at our Trade & Self Build Services

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Are you finding that you are working hard to keep on top of price changes for your tenders, struggling to fit it all into the working week and pricing for new work in your own time? Or simply looking to grow your business and need extra help and support from expert estimators then why not speak to our dedicated teams at JP Corry Solutions to learn how we can help you with our estimating service.

Our estimating services take the hassle out of pricing. We can price up a project based on the drawings you provide and we will work with you to create a bespoke and fully comprehensive report for both you and your client. We not only offer a reliable estimating service, we also price using accurate material prices as well as including your labour rates and markup margins.

SAP is essential for all new builds and large extensions. It is a integral part of the build process so we have you covered. Let our expert team of SAP assessors calculate your SAP report and take the headache out of compliance.

Build Estimating

  • Our bespoke estimating services takes your plans and produces a fully comprehensive report quantifying and pricing for all Material, Labour, plant hire and PC sums needed for your build. These prices along with the work flow schedule for your build, are broken down in a simple and easy to read format enabling you to clearly see where your time and money is being spent, benefiting everyone from the true self builder, to those of you would wish to project manage your build from start to finish.


  • Needed for many new builds and or multiple dwelling units, we partner with a local supplier to provide testing to finalise the build- please ask us for more information

Added extras

  • In addition to using our reporting services, we have a dedicated team looking after our Build Aviator and Self build customers who are here to support and guide you along the way.
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Estimators at your service.

The estimating service from Build Aviator is designed to provide you with a speedy, accurate and reliable bill of quantities, helping you stand out against the competition.

Our estimating services take the hassle out of pricing up a project. We will price based on the drawings and information you have sent to us which we will turn into a comprehensive report for you and your client.

Based on your design and specifications we can provide bespoke personalised reports which includes:

  • Product summaries
  • Bill of quantities
  • Schedule of works
  • Pricing sheets
  • Labour report
  • Professional client report
  • Locally sourced material prices help estimates stand out

Build Aviator puts you, our customer, at the heart of every project. Through its services, guidance and support, Build Aviator helps you to save time, build intelligently, reduce risks and make you more competitive for every job.

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