Internal Door Trends 2022

Internal Door Trends 2022

Internal doors play a key role in interior design which is why it is important to know the best suited door trend for your project.

Minimalist designs help your internal doors to fit more seamlessly into your interior aesthetic, drawing the eye away from themselves and towards statement pieces such as furniture or artwork.

Tall and wide
In some spaces it is best to have the doors make a statements, which has caused taller and wider doors to grow in popularity. Taller internal doors can make rooms with low ceilings appear taller and more spacious, whilst also helping the walls to look higher and creating the illusion of space. Wide and double doors can also add a dramatic flourish to your living space.

Glazed doors
The value of showing more by showing less has gained widespread popularity as many are enjoying serene and clutter-free environments that are accentuated by statement furniture pieces, subtly-designed doors and ample natural light, Glazed doors are increasingly popular as they can flood your living space with natural light and enhance the effect of a minimalist interior design concept.

Big bold statement doors are very much on trend but not every home is necessarily conducive to this effect, as homes where floor space is limited, tall and wide doors may prove problematic. The good news is that space-saving doors exist, enabling you to achieve a dramatic look without needing to rearrange your furniture every time you want to open your internal doors.

Interior door hardware trends 2022
The right hardware can enhance your internal doors, which is why we carry a great selection of ironmongery to add the perfect finishing touches to your interior doors look.


Original Author: Chelsea Berry


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