Ballygomartin Service Reservoir


In June 2019, coming up to the twentieth anniversary of the security upgrade, to LPCB Security Rated Standards, by Technocover Ltd of all NIW potable water sites, Technocover were once again asked by NIW to carry out a series of sample surveys this time to risk assess the current Chlorine gas storage facilities across the NIW estate for inclusion their upcoming PC21 budgetary proposals. This subsequent survey report prepared by Technocover as part of their Assured Maintenance and Regulatory Conformance Programme provided an overview of recommended building hardening/security upgrades for asset protection with a specific focus on asset resilience and security compliance whilst taking into account H&S operational needs.

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Following on from this they were invited to speak to Arup Consulting Engineers to discuss Technocovers experiences as one of the UK’s leading LPCB Certified access specialist manufacturers in surveying, manufacturing and installation of High Security asset protection products in line with the latest UK potable water industry regulations to further inform ARUPs CNI Security Upgrade report. In light of this information and to address ongoing operational needs NIW deemed it necessary to move away from large, 800KG and above, gas cylinders and relocate the remaining 39Kg gas cylinders to more geographical and population centric locations. Once contracts were awarded to Maverick Controls Ltd to carry out the necessary site works JP Corry received an order, in 2022, to supply 24 No. Padlock Entry Ultrasecure Single Cylinder Clamp Units rated to LPCB LPS 1175 Security Rating 2 to ensure ongoing compliance with all current UK regulatory requirements.

Technocover operate a Total Service Philosophy and encourage early engagement at the project planning stage to identify and resolve operational and design requirements in order to meet asset security, inspection and routine maintenance needs.

When necessary Technocover visit site and undertake a full survey report to enable the preparation of risk assessment and method statement for efficient site installation in addition to site specific product needs.

Technocovers experienced installation teams ensure right first time build leaving clients with LPCB compliant, safe, secure solutions. Note: If products are not installed by Technocover or our approved installers, responsibility for LPCB compliance passes to the purchaser.

Once again Technocover provided both the required industry knowledge and security rated products to meet with the customers’ needs and to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

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