Ali-Fabs (part of the Guttercrest Group) is a leading manufacturer of high quality aluminium wall coping and capping to the construction industry with an established reputation for product performance, quality and reliability. Aluminium wall coping provides an aesthetically pleasing and economic finish to parapet and boundary walls whilst providing essential weatherproofing and ventilation for long term durability.

All of Ali-Fabs pressed metal wall copings are made from marine grade aluminium, using the very latest manufacturing technology. We manufacture both standard and bespoke wall coping to meet individual project specification. Unlike stone wall copings, aluminium copings are lightweight, versatile and very quick to install, aluminium can be fabricated for ramped, stepped, radius, curved and serpentine parapet walls including matching pier caps or column capping.

All wall copings and cappings are available in a wide range of finishes, including heritage (textured), metallic, anodised look and stone effect coatings.


ali fabs aluminium click fix coping without text

ali fabs crest aluminium coping 1

cads 25052 alifabs copingproducts architectural coping 141114 v2 1 600x400

capping v2 with background 600x400

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