Types of Gutters

Types of Gutters

There are a number of different types of gutters and trends each has their own unique style and pros and cons. We will cover some of the more notable ones below:

Box Gutters

The box gutter profile, also known as a square gutter or trough gutter, offers a contemporary look particularly suited to modern properties. The 3 sided square/rectangular shape gives a stylish finish for buildings with angular features while also providing a deeper channel, compared to the half-round profile, that can handle larger flow capacities.

However, though stylish in their contemporary, angular look, box gutters aren’t really all that decorative either, which has led them to being favored more for installation on commercial buildings than residential properties.


These gutters are in the shape of a half open circle, and they tend to hang from the roof. They are not very common, however, since they don’t usually work very well. They often overflow easily, particularly if the gutters were not installed properly or if the roof is not level. Their poor drainage means that they have to be cleaned more often than other types of gutters.

Ogee Gutters

A traditional ogee style, high capacity profile manufactured to BSEN12200. Ogee Guttering is a popular choice for those looking for something a little different. With its excellent carrying capacity and choice of square or round downpipe systems, it combines the aesthetics of metal guttering with all the benefits of maintenance free PVC

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