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fast food chains lead the way in contributing to india s co2 emissions
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We are dedicated to managing the environmental impact of our business operations by utilising resources efficiently to limit our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain.

Environmental Benchmarking Survey Platinum Status

We were delighted to have achieved Platinum status – the highest scoring level in the Northern Ireland Benchmarking Survey. The survey recognises Northern Ireland’s most sustainable businesses that are committed to managing the environmental impact of their business operations. We have made significant improvements to reduce our carbon footprint, which is detailed below:

ISO 14001
Our existing environmental management system allows us to minimize our environmental impact, comply with all regulations and help us continually reduce our carbon footprint. Consequently, we have achieved the standard ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.

Sustainable Sourcing
As a leading timber and building materials supplier, we seek to build partnerships with suppliers who display visible sustainable supply chains for the products we sell. All branches are chain of custody certified. Our staff are also trained to offer advice which may be used to help our customers make more sustainable choices.

In order to make our supply chain as green as possible, we ensure that the highest percentage of our waste is recycled.

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Upcoming Initiatives

The rollout of forklift changeover from existing diesel-powered to electric and gas models.  65% to be moved across in 2022.

The continual rollout of company cars from diesel to electric or low-emission hybrid cars.  All are to be completed by end of 2023 whereby no one will be driving on behalf of the company in a diesel-powered company car.

Staff education relating to carbon reduction and climate emergency.  Following recent Carbon Literacy training through BITCNI for 38 managers across the business, plans are now in place to roll out further training to the rest of the business through the Supply Chain Sustainability School. This along with ongoing communications with colleagues is vital as we continue to foster ideas on developing an entrenched sustainability culture throughout the business. 

Capturing Scope 3 emissions.  Working with SustainIQ, JP Corry is actively capturing travel and emissions of commuting colleagues to workplace alongside those from visitors and supplier deliveries.

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