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Lyric Theatre

Lyric Theatre

Location: Belfast
Contractor: Gilbert Ash
Architects: O'Donnell & Tuomey
Completion: November 2010

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In May 2008, Belfast City Council granted planning approval for the development of the new Lyric Theatre. The development included the demolition of the existing theatre and the construction of a new building for use by the Lyric providing auditorium, rehearsal and studio theatre together with related technical facilities. The three constituent elements had to be acoustically separated from the other and each is identifiably outlined in its own shell of Belfast brick. The rehearsal room is raised up to provide social space in its undercroft. The dismembered unity of the plan is a direct response to functional requirements and the complexity of the section results from our efforts to resolve the sometimes conflicting demands imposed by a tightly restricted and steeply sloping site. The original ‘Belfast Brick’ is a deep orange/red textured clay brick and the chosen brick for the Lyric is an excellent match, making the Lyric feel as if it has grown out of old Belfast. Special bricks were hand-made to respond to the geometry of the building.

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