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Draynes Farm

Draynes Farm

Location: Lisburn
Contractor: J&W Porter
Completion: 2021

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St Catherine’s flint is the distinguishing feature in the period style houses built by multi award winning builder Porter and Co. The classic Georgian village theme, complemented by St Catherine’s flint, runs through the development of Charlestown Hall in Lisburn with a variety of townhouses, detached, semis and apartments alongside scenic landscaped areas that further add to the character of the overall development.

This product is sourced from Dorset, near the world famous village of Cerne Abbas where the flint itself is handpicked from the fields. All of the flint and stone is then transported to the factory unprepared in its raw natural state and is mechanically cut down and dressed by an expert team of knappers. The stone is then handcrafted into block form by experienced block-makers. The fully formed blocks can then be used without a need for a backing wall, ensuring a rapid professional finish whilst maintaining a clean cavity. Laboratory based crush tests are undertaken on the concrete to ensure that it maintains a consistent N2 strength. The naturally developed, high quality blocks, are in demand due to the growing market for natural products.

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