JP Corry 2022 Corporate Commitment Progress Report

JP Corry 2022 Corporate Commitment Progress Report


JP Corry are proud to release statistics from our 2022 Corporate Commitment Progress Report. The report details our efforts to;

  1. Invest in people, through a focus on health, development and equality, diversity and inclusivity.
  2. Achieve environmental sustainability by taking action to help protect our planet,
  3. Engage with our communities, bringing learning and support where needed through our charitable giving and dedicated partnerships

Here are some highlights from this year’s Corporate Commitment Report:


Employees are deemed the most important asset to JP Corry and a critical resource towards a sustainable future, 2022, seen a significant investment in the volume of training delivered totalling 3062 hours. The training included the management population taking part in the BITCNI Climate Change Pledge 2022. 73% of employees participated in health initiatives that ran throughout the year benefiting both their physical and mental health, at a cost in excess of £5,500. Equality, diversity and Inclusion efforts seen the launch of ‘MBrace’, JP Corrys new EDI strategy. JP Corry are #NotJustForBoysChampions with WomensTec and have provided 2 permanent hires through Disability Action in the last year. Whilst not achieving 2022 targets, JP Corry have increased the female demographic by 3% from 2019 baseline year, as well as increasing the under 25 years demographic by 4%, 1% ahead of the target for the year. In April, JP Corry where delighted to have been awarded the bronze mark of progress from Diversity Mark NI, which publicly declares JP Corry’s commitment to a EDI culture for all, whilst appreciating there is still more work to do in maintaining and progressing through Diversity Marks levels.


A 12% total reduction in CO2 per £100k of ex-yard sales since our 2019* baseline year, is attributed to various projects that have been rolled out across the business, alongside an increased utilisation of digital solutions and water reduction measures. The installation of energy efficient LED lighting across the branch network, has commenced with the commitment to switch the entire company car fleet to electric or ultra-low emission hybrid cars by the end of 2023. This is in addition to the transition of the entire forklift fleet from diesel to a more environmentally friendly LPG or electric alternative.

A focus on waste reduction seen 95% of a whopping 592 tonnes diverted from landfill waste, in an effort to ensure waste produced is effectively managed in an ecologically responsible way. This remains a continued focus area which is worked on with stakeholders to provide innovative and effective solutions to further reduce waste.

Progress has been recognised by BITC in the awarding JP Corry GOLD in the 2022 Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey by Business in the Community. Chris Collins, Operations Director at JP Corry said “All at JP Corry, are delighted to retain our Gold Status as part of the BITC Environmental survey and to be regarded as a ‘Climate Action Champion’ by BITC. We are fully committed to continual improvement as we work towards our target of Net Zero Carbon by 2050, and support others on their journey also.” The award and developments made demonstrate JP Corry’s dedication to facilitate an environmentally responsible workplace.

As a supplier of building materials, we recognise the importance of ensuring we source our materials from suppliers who are accountable for their impact on the natural world. We seek to build partnerships with suppliers who are able to display visible sustainable supply chains for the products we sell.  At our annual Supplier TEC event, which we host for our top 20 suppliers, we were able to present the distance travelled by each attendee and by what means, provoking thought as to how much carbon the event was responsible for. We also integrated a biodiversity initiative into the event by providing all attendees with lanyards made of biodegradable paper with wildflower seeds embedded into them so the individuals could take them home to plant.


Local communities across the province have benefited from 38 community and volunteering initiatives completed. Including, but not limited to;

  1. The fulfilment of material and charitable donations totalling £25,400,
  2. 44 employees volunteered 254 hours’ across a range of community initiatives
  3. 138 weeks of work placement experience was provided, through the long term unemployment schemes, student placements and traineeships.

A particular favourite is the delivery of ‘construction packs’ to nursery, pre-school and primary schools children, which include ‘construction’ books and toys to encourage STEM learning in the next generation.

Momentum will continue into 2023 as JP Corry build on the solid foundations in place in order to make the world a better home for all.

True sustainability requires human input and buy in, JP Corry appreciates that the results are only possible through the passion and commitment of employees.

*normalised data based on ex. yard sales v 2019

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