The Use Of Natural Fiber Cement In Architectural Facades

This CPD focusses on fibre cement, concentrating on current and pending building regulations changes in relation to Approved Document B and change of regulator to HSE. Further reflecting on these changes, it analyses the difference between fire reaction and fire resistance and examines product testing within rainscreen and full system testing of rainscreen cladding systems. Whilst discussing these key technical points, the CPD also highlights various aesthetics that can be achieved using fibre cement facade materials. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:

  • Building Regulations Changes – Amendment to ADB
  • Fire Safety – What is the difference between Fire Resistance and Fire Reaction
  • The significant difference between testing a products performance compared to testing a systems performance
  • Further Building Regulatory Changes – HSE involvement and the importance of ‘The Golden Thread’
  • Aesthetics and whether you need to compromise on the aesthetic whilst using fibre cement as a material

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