Testing of Product to BS EN 1906:2012

The CPD entitled “Testing of Product to BS EN 1906:2012″ highlights the products covered by BS EN 1906:2012, and other associated standards or influences. The objective is to guide attendees on how products can comply with EN 1906, through understanding the classification breakdown, test requirements and methods, attack methods, and available accreditation routes. We will also touch on Secured by Design, and how the scheme applies to security products.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
– What BS EN 1906:2012 standard is, and other associated standards/influences
– The grading of lever handles through BS EN 1906:2012 Classification Breakdown
– The test requirements within BS EN 1906:2012, and available accreditation routes
– The testing and attack methods for products covered by BS EN 1906:2012, and TS 007:2014
– How Secured by Design relates to security products

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