Technical Considerations When Designing with Brick

This course provides an overview of the modern brick manufacturing processes, the common terminology and the characteristics of different products. It covers topics such as brick technical properties, British Standards including BS EN 771-1, the influence of design and detailing on brickwork performance and the principles of brickwork movement, expansion joints and mortar specification.

In this course:
– Bricks in the 21st Century
– Brick production methods
– Types of brick
– Sustainability
– Examples of efflorescence and why it occurs
– Brick sizes and tolerances
– Different bond and alternative laying patterns
– Blending bricks to create mixed facades
– Examples and things to consider when using projecting bricks
– How to achieve curved brickwork and potential problems to be mindful of
– Mortar specification and why it should be an important consideration
– An introductory look at movement in brickwork
– Thermal and moisture movements and calculations
– UK and European Standards

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